Complements to the taxonomy of some Amazonian scorpions (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

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Euscorpius, Vol: 2017, Issue: 245, Page: 1-7

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Teruel, Rolando; Kovařík, František; Lowe, Graeme; Friedrich, Stefan
Marshall University Libraries
Scorpiones; Buthidae; Ananteris ashaninka; Tityus carolineae; Tityus dillerorum; Tityus wachteli; Amazon; Biodiversity; Evolution; Zoology
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We describe and illustrate in detail the previously unknown adult male of Ananteris ashaninka Kovařík, Teruel, Lowe et Friedrich, 2015, based upon a specimen recently captured at the type locality. In addition, the taxonomic status of three Amazonian species of the genus Tityus C. L. Koch, 1836, is reevaluated and all are restored from unjustified synonymies: Tityus carolineae Kovařík, Teruel, Cozijn et Seiter, 2013, Tityus dillerorum Kovařík, Teruel, Lowe et Friedrich, 2015, and Tityus wachteli Kovařík, Teruel, Lowe et Friedrich, 2015.