Multiple enzyme changes in the plasma of normal and tumor-bearing mice following infection with the lactic dehydrogenase agent.

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Notkins, A L; Greenfield, R E; Marshall, D; Bane, L
Biochemistry; Metabolism:; Neoplasm:; Organs:; Types of Tumors:; Transplantable Tumors: C3HBA; Strains: A(CAL-A) (A/J); BALB/C; C3H/HE; Unknown:; Biochemistry, Metabolism:; Transplantable Tumors: C3HBA,; Strains: A(CAL-A) (A/J), BALB/C, C3H/HE
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By A L. Notkins, R E. Greenfield, D Marshall, et al., Published on 01/01/63