Protection of c58 mice by normal murine tissues against transplantable leukemia, line ib.

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Han, I H; Johnson, A G; Murphy, W H
Hereditary Factors:; Neoplasm:; Organs:; Prophylaxis:; Types of Tumors:; Transplantable Tumors: IB; Strains: AKR; BALB (BAGG); BALB/C; C3H/HE; C57BL/6; C58; DBA/2 (212); Strains: AKR, BALB (BAGG), BALB/C, C3H/HE, C57BL/6, C58, DBA/2 (212)
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By I H. Han, A G. Johnson, and W H. Murphy, Published on 01/01/69