Antileukemic effect of bis-chloroethyl nitrosourea (bcnu) in a host- -tumor system differing at the h-2 locus or at the c-k subregions. Abstr.

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Bonmassar, E; Cudkowicz, G; Vadlamudi, S; Goldin, A
Chemotherapy:; Neoplasm:; Serology: Antigen; Types of Tumors:; Congenic Resistant Lines: B10.A; B10.A (2R); Genes: H-2 - Histocompatibility-2; Strains: C57BL/10; Serology: Antigen,; Congenic Resistant Lines: B10.A, B10.A (2R)
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By E Bonmassar, G Cudkowicz, S Vadlamudi, et al., Published on 01/01/70