Biological and morphological studies of sjl/j strain reticulum cell neoplasms induced and transmitted serially in low-leukemia-strain mice.

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Fujinaga, S; Poel, W E; Williams, W C; Dmochowski, L
Morphology:; Neoplasm:; Organs:; Tissue Culture:; Transplantation:; Types of Tumors:; Rickettsia; Virus:; Strains: BALB/C; C3HF (C3HB; ZB); C3HEB; SJL; Rickettsia, Virus:; Strains: BALB/C, C3HF (C3HB,ZB), C3HEB, SJL
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By S Fujinaga, W E. Poel, W C. Williams, et al., Published on 01/01/70