Experimental antitumor activity and preclinical toxicology of myco- phenolic acid.

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Sweeney, M J; Gerzon, K; Harris, P N; Holmes, R E; Poore, G A; Williams, R H
Chemotherapy:; Neoplasm:; Types of Tumors:; Transplantable Tumors: P1534; C1498; 6C3HED (GARDNER); 755; CA 755; L 1210; X 5563; MECCA; L 5178(Y); RIDGWAY (+ROS); CALL5; SHIONOGIC 115; Strains: AKR; C3H; C57BL/6; DBA/2 (212); Transplantable Tumors: P1534, C1498, 6C3HED (GARDNER), 755, CA 755, L 1210, X 5563, MECCA, L 5178(Y), RIDGWAY (+ROS), CALL5, SHIONOGIC 115; Strains: AKR, C3H, C57BL/6, DBA/2 (212)
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By M J. Sweeney, K Gerzon, P N. Harris, et al., Published on 01/01/72