Genetics of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase induction in mice, additive inheritance in crosses between c3h/hej and dba/2j.

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Thomas, P E; Hutton, J J
Biochemistry; Metabolism:; Hereditary Factors:; Organs:; Genes: Ahh - Arylhydroxylase (all)-Ah; Strains: AKR; AU; C3H/HE; C57BL/6; C57L; DBA/1 (12); DBA/2 (212); SJL; Unknown:; Biochemistry, Metabolism:; Strains: AKR, AU, C3H/HE, C57BL/6, C57L, DBA/1 (12), DBA/2 (212), SJL
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By P E. Thomas and J J. Hutton, Published on 01/01/73