Hydrodynamic diameters of murine mammary, rous sarcoma, and feline leukemia rna tumor viruses. Studies by laser beat frequencey light-scattering spectroscopy and electron microscopy.

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ISSN: 1234-1234, Page: 584-596

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Salmeen, I; Rimai, L; Luftig, R B; Liebes, L; Retzel, E; Rich, M; Cormick, J J
Morphology:; Bioassays; Techniques:; Rickettsia; Virus:; Strains: RIII (R3A); Bioassays, Techniques:; Rickettsia, Virus:
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By I Salmeen, L Rimai, R B. Luftig, et al., Published on 01/01/76