Studies of immunogenicity and enhancement of alloantigens of the various regions of the h-2 complex.

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Mc kenzie, I F; Henning, M M
Hereditary Factors:; Serology: Antigen; Transplantation:; Congenic Resistant Lines: B10.A; B10.A (2R); B10.D2/O; B10.D2/N; B10.AKM; A.SW; B10.A (4R); A.AL; C3H.OL; A.TL; B10.T (6R); B10.HTT; D2.GD; A.TH; Genes: H-2 - Histocompatibility-2; Strains: C57BL/10; DBA/2 (212); H-2G (HTG); AQR; Serology: Antigen,; Congenic Resistant Lines: B10.A, B10.A (2R), B10.D2/O, B10.D2/N, B10.AKM, A.SW, B10.A (4R), A.AL, C3H.OL, A.TL, B10.T (6R), B10.HTT, D2.GD, A.TH; Strains: C57BL/10, DBA/2 (212), H-2G (HTG), AQR
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By I F. Mc kenzie and M M. Henning, Published on 01/01/77