Mapping of rabbit microsatellite markers using chromosome-specific libraries.

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Korstanje, R; Gillissen, G F; Versteeg, S A; van, Oost B; Bosma, A A; Rogel, Gaillard C; van, Zutphen L; van, Lith H
Chromosome-Mapping; Cytogenetic-Analysis; Gene-Library; Genetic-Markers; Linkage-(Genetics); Microsatellite-Repeats; Rabbits
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Recently, rabbit microsatellite markers were developed from a chromosome 1-specific library, and seven new markers were incorporated into the genetic map of the rabbit. We have now developed microsatellite markers from chromosomes 3-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 12-, and 19-specific libraries. Linkage analysis was performed with use of these new markers, five recently physically mapped markers (PMP2, TCRB, ALOX15, MT1, and Sol33), microsatellite markers located in the HBA gene cluster, the MHC region and FABP6 gene, and seven biochemical markers (Es-1, Es-3, Est-2, Est-4, Est-6, Est-X, and HP). This analysis enabled us to verify the specificity of the libraries and to determine the position and orientation of the linkage groups on the chromosomes.