To study oestrous behavior in ten races of inbred rabbits; to attempt to correlate the oestrous cycle of these rabbits to their behavior; and to compare racial and individual differences in the response of the rabbits to injections of estrogen; to study the possibility of reducing histocompatibility resistance to reciprocal transplants of ovaries homogenized tissue which had been lyophilized; to study the progress of renal disorders in the A/Jax and dba/2 strains of mice by urine analysis to study the estrous cycle of dba/1 and dba/2 female mice of vaginal smears, and to note the effects of estrogen and testosterone on the cycle; to compare the cephalic index and the lengths of the long bones of mice of the dba/2. C57BL/6, Swiss and Balb/c strains; to study the effects of ashed American asbestos, injected intra- peritoneally, on the total leucocytes, eosinophils, and mast cells of the peritoneal fluid of mature male dba/1 mice.

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Berk, Paul David
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By Paul David Berk, Published on 01/23/54