Analyzing Generational Values among Managers and Non-Managers for Sustainable Organizational Effectiveness

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SAM Advanced Management Journal, Vol: 75, Issue: 4, Page: 33-43

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Greenwood, Regina A.; Murphy, Edward S.; Gibson, Jane Whitney
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This 2010 Rokeach Value Survey was collected from a sample of 4,446 respondents, representing medium and large public-sector companies. Of the respondents 2,072 were managers (883 Baby Boomers, 739 Generation X, and 500 Generation Y). Slightly more non-managers completed the study with a total of 2,374 people (656 Baby Boomers, 700 Generation X, and 1,018 Generation Y). The objective of the study was to determine the basic differences between values held by managers and non-managers in general and the differences among the values held by managers and non-managers of different generational cohorts.