The Pilot Study of Students’ Perception on Teachers’ Moral Character Scale in Indonesia

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Misbach, Ifa H
Students’ Perception on Teacher’s Moral Character Scale (SPoTMCS); Indonesia.
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The purpose of this study is to develop a new instrument of Students’ Perception on Teacher’s Moral Character Scale (SPoTMCS). The sample consisted of 12th grade Indonesian students (n=228), completing the SPoTMCS using a-paper-and-pencil format. This report describes the results of the inter-correlation of items, and Cronbach’s Alpha to calculate and estimate of the internal reliability. To support a questionnaire development of SPoTMCS, factor analysis procedures were also undertaken to determine the number of factors necessary to explain the interrelationship among a set of dimensions of moral character and the underlying dimensions of the construct of moral character in SPoTMCS. Using principal component analysis (PCA) and oblimin rotation, the scale yielded three factors: Justice, Mercy, and Tenderness. Additionally, there were two new interesting findings from this pilot study. The demographic information and the distribution of each item were presented to explain the uniqueness of the cultural model education in Indonesia.