Lending Operations of the Farm Ownership Loan Program in South Dakota

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Johnson, Canute M.
South Dakota State College
Agricultural Economics
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The focus of attention in this analysis of the FHA is upon the Farm Ownership Loan Program, In South Dakota, 728 Farm Ownership Loans were made in 55 of 69 counties during the 14 year period, 1938 through 1951, These loans averaged $8,620 and ranged in size from $2,000 to $16,000, There was a definite trend for the average size of loans to increase while the average size of farm ownership farms tended to decrease during the 1938-51 period. Since 1951, the average size of farms purchased under the program has increased because lean limits were increased to permit the purchase of farms of adequate size. Farms of paid-up clients were larger as an average than farms of active clients; and this relationship persists when considered by economic areas or by initial years in which the loans were made.