Comparison of Ralgro, Compudose and Synovex-C Implants on the Growth Performance of Yearling Steers

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Whittington, D.L.
South Dakota State University
implants; growth performance; yearling steers; native range; Meat Science
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Growth response to a single implant was measured in yearling steers grazing native range on two ranches in South Dakota. The steers (724 head) were randomly allotted on each ranch to either a Ralgro, Compudose, Synovex-S or no implant treatment. Implants were administered according to manufacturers recommendations. The yearlings were weighed at the time of implanting in the spring and again 116 t o 148 days later. The ears of the steers receiving Compudose were palpated at the end of the trial to determine retention. The weight advantage of implanted steers over controls ranged from 12.1 t o 30.1 lb. All implants. Ralgro, Compudose and Synovex-S improved gains significantly (PC.05) over controls except one case where the Compudose advantage of 12.1 lb over controls was not significant (P>.05). Palpation of the ears revealed that Compudose retention was excellent for the yearling cattle . The weighted average improvement in gain of 22.3 lb was worth $14.51 on a $65 yearling market or a total of $10,510 for the 724 yearlings evaluated in this study. This clearly illustrates the economic advantage of implanting.