Art's Disclosive Dimensions: Reflections on the Work of Peter London

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Vol: 2, Issue: 1

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Darrisaw, Aaron
Aesthetics; Art; Peter London; SIUC; Morris Library; Special Collections Research Center; Art and Design; Art Education; Art Practice; Curriculum and Social Inquiry; Educational Methods; Esthetics
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When I initially came to this project, I vaguely remembered hearing of Peter London once before – in passing perhaps. Yet I knew nothing really of his art or his work as an educator. Each day I came into work, however, I was met with a series of very interesting correspondences, articles, conference presentations, lecture notes, and more that offered a thoroughgoing vision of art as a personally, socially, and spiritually transformative and enriching enterprise. The collection contained document after document of valuable contributions to the instrumental role that art can and does play in opening up individuals to their own forms of inner expression and in revealing to society its own internal structures. It is around these two points – that of the personal and social disclosive dimensions of aesthetic practice – that my following reflections will revolve.