The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1974-10-18

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Editors, Wooster Voice
The College of Wooster
Anti-Smoking; City Planning; Architecture; Vandalism; Bus Policy; College athletics; College newspapers; Antismoking movement; Vandalism
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This issue of the Wooster Voice features a collaboration between the City and College of Wooster to come up with architectural plans for improving the city center. Page 2 feature an anti-smoking piece, a response to the bus criticism of the previous week, and a letter of apology from an anonymous Heldelberg student regarding an incident regarding the Wooster Band and the Heidelberg loudspeaker system. Page 3 features a report on bus fares, a new program in Wooster for news organizations, and a report on vandalism of an Independent Study project. Pages 4-6 are the sports section.