An Android Application for Remote Ringer

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Bobba, Ugendra Bhuvan; Kurapati, Mallikharjuna Rao; Pamarthi, Ramakrishna
mobile phones; mobile app; mobile applications; Computer Sciences; Software Engineering
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At the time we set our mobile phones in silent mode, we may misplace it somewhere nearby and cannot find the mobile phone by ringing to it. It has happened to all of us. To solve this real world problem, we develop an application called Remote Ringer. Remote Ringer helps us to change mobile phone mode from silent to ringing mode . Once your phone is in ringing mode, you can ring it from any other mobile phones.Remote Ringer needs to be configured before it can be used, The configuration allows maximum of five numbers that can be used to change the mode from silent to ring. Use one of the five phones to text the silent phone, the silent phone will be switched to a tone ring mode, then another call will enable user to locate the phone.