Data Envelopment Analysis using glpkAPI in R

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Miziolek, Konrad; Beary, Jordan; Vasanth, Shreyas; Chanamolu, Surekha; Mitra, Rudraxi
Data envelopment analysis; R (Computer program language) -- Statistical methods; Statistics -- Software -- Technological innovations; Operations research; Categorical Data Analysis; Technology and Innovation
project description
The work done here is primarily a wrapper function written to separate some of the more difficult-to-use glpkAPI functionality from the end-user. The user, when prompted, selects the appropriate configuration of the .mod file to the task (for example, output-oriented CRS), and the data file, as a .dat. The function then loads the required glpkAPI library, and carries forward the model. It allocates the problem and workspace, reads the model file and data file the user selects, builds the problem, and solves it. The function returns primal values, and, if dual = TRUE is selected, also returns dual weights.