Toy World, Inc.

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Davis, Christopher; Cheng, Juchun; Tuv, Konstantin; Purwar, Shivani; Murar, Wesley
Business logistics; Industrial management; Production engineering; Toy industry -- Seasonal variations; Business Administration, Management, and Operations; Technology and Innovation
project description
Toy World, Inc. operates in the highly competitive and rapidly changing children’s plastic toy manufacturing industry. Every year Toy World had very high seasonal production levels that drop drastically over the rest of the year. This results in a very high amount of overtime, inefficiencies in production, and extra stress on production machinery. Toy World recently hired Dan Hoffman, a project manager who offered the notion of level production, where if Toy World were to spread production out throughout the entire year they would likely be able to reduce production costs and overtime compensation. The analysis within this report will focus on potentially distributing production across the year, and comparing forecast management and potential outcomes of level production with that of Toy World’s current seasonal production outlook.