Team 5: Team Process Report

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Zielsdorff, Casey; Ju, Jiali; Walesko, Valesca; Gokarn, Vijay
Teams in the workplace -- Analysis; Communication in small groups; Teams in the workplace -- Case studies; Social groups -- Management; Communication; Technology and Innovation
project description
The team was formed randomly in the first day of the ETM 522 Communication and Team Building class. The members of the team did not know each other prior to the formation of this team. It was formed with four students.By the end of first day, the team created a Google Group which was used to post projects, transfer files and general communication between them. For the meetings, the group was flexible and agrees that Sunday mornings would work the best with Saturday as an alternative. In the meetings the deliverables for the forthcoming week were discussed and the task would have been equally divided both depending upon strengths and sometimes randomly.The differences of background and experiences made them a cross‐functional working group, and all these differences helped them to be more creative and the experiences were shared and aggregated to the work.