Communicating with Technology in our Workplace

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Hill, Amelia
Communication Technology and New Media
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When modern technology took off in the 1990’s it surpassed all previous forms. It’s amazing how technology can be, it is used to keep families and friends in contact, and it has advanced medical research, and enables the growth of businesses. While technology can enhance communications within an organization, it can also cause misinformation, distraction, and there is always ‘technology difficulties’. These present a few organizational risks and challenges of human interaction in a work place that will be described in this essay. It is important to look into these problems so the professional world is aware of them and is able to determine and establish coping mechanisms and policies for the future. Being aware of the challenges technology to communications helps to better understand these issues. Knowing these is key to overcoming them and have better training for the future. I investigated these issues through researching online journal articles and some business websites. I wanted to understand what the subcategories of the main challenges were, without the bias opinions specific people. To do this I needed quality information. The approach that is used to investigate this topic is that by looking into the different types of technological problems focusing on the misinformation it can present, how distracting it can be, and the difficulties of simply using technology. The intention of researching this topic is to enlighten the reader of how modern technology can hinder the development of originations. This is an exciting project to explore because of the effect technology has on the future.