Inauguration of President Timothy Tennent - Faculty

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President; Timothy; ATS; Eighth; eighth; inauguration; Seminary; Theological; Asbury; Processional; Tennent; Procession; 8th
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Inauguration service in Estes Chapel for President Timothy Tennent, eighth president of Asbury Theological Seminary. Photographs of faculty in procession and in seats. D007: (3872x2592). D008: (3872x2592). D009: (3872x2592). D011: (3872x2592). D141: (4103x2735). D170: Doug Penix on bottom right (3803x2535). D264: (2245x3367). D265: Dr. Wendy J. Deichmann, President of United Theological Seminary (2610x3915). D266: (2344x3516). D267: (2365x3548). D268: (2510x3765). D269: (2336x3504). D270: (2419x3628). D271: (3489x2326). D272: Dr. Donald Joy, retired professor of Asbury Theological Seminary (3504x2336). D273: Dr. Catherine Stonehouse, Dean of School of Practical Theology, Asbury Theological Seminary. (3167x2111). D274: Procession - Dr. Ellen Marmon (front left) and Dr. Fred Long (front right) (3573x2382). D275: Procession - Dr. Fred Long (left) and Dr. Ann Gatobu (right) (3446x2297). D276: Faculty in procession (from other institutions?) (3516x2344).