Maharathra Pastors' Conference, January 23-27, 1978

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Kamelason; Vision; Kamaleson; World; Pastors; Conference; Sam; Kamalason
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Maharathra Pastors' Conference Sponsored by World Vision, January 23-27, 1978. Pune, Maharathra, India. Photographs by S. S. Podar: #075 - Dr. J. Edwin Orr; #078 - Dr. Cherian, President of Spicer College; #081 - Dr. Ted Engstrom; #091 - women delegates; #092 - Mr. V. M. Katapuram talking to delegates; #093 - group discussion; #094 - man having quiet time in prayer; #095 - Mr. An Tran and Ted Engstrom (Tran was Vietnamese and worked for World Vision.); #099 - Meal line - left to right: Dr. Kamaleson, J. Edwin Orr, Ted Engstrom, and Mr. An Tran.