Balancing Christian liberty with the biblical expectations of the Christian leader's lifestyle

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Chandler, Jeffrey Morse
leadership; Conduct; determinism; Liberty; Free; Clergy; Religious; Christianity; will; Laity; Christian; 60706445; aspects; life
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Many demands are made on those in places of Christian leadership. The demands for time, instruction and counsel are but a few. The greatest demand relates to the expectation that leaders live specific types if lives. Christian leaders, that is those in biblical leadership roles face a tension in deciding how they will live in light of the pressure. Our Christian leader enjoys the same benefits as any other believer due to his position in Christ. One of these benefits is the freedom, or liberty that Christ offers. In Christ, the believer is not bound by any of man’s regulations. There is a broad range of freedom for the believer to enjoy. This thesis will attempt to address this particular tension between the expectations of a leader’s lifestyle, and the liberty that all believers are free to enjoy. The Scriptures present specific lifestyle expectations of those in places of spiritual leadership. The relationship of the two lifestyles will be the consideration of this thesis. It will first establish that there is Scriptural validity in expecting more from the lifestyle of those in Christian leadership, and then explore the boundaries of liberty available to every believer. After observing Paul’s treatment of leadership and lifestyle, some concluding applications will be made for the Christian leader of today who seeks to exercise liberty in light of biblical lifestyle expectations.