The Davidic dynasty and royal priesthood: a theological issue

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Shofner, Mike
Jews; 60644173; Prophecies; Jesus; Priesthood; Melchizedek; rulers; Criticism; Old; Jewish; interpretation; King; Messiah; Kings; Christ; Bible; Testament; Salem; OT; Priests
thesis / dissertation description
The purpose of this thesis is to attempt to determine the Old Testament basis for the messianic office of priest as it has been revealed in Jesus Christ. The Book of Hebrews argues that the priesthood of Jesus is superior to that of the Aaronic priesthood and that it is based on the priesthood of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:1-8:13). The proposal this thesis will seek to validate is that the Davidic kings were priests (or had the right to be priests) of the order of Melchizedek and that the Old Testament basis for Jesus' priesthood is in this royal-Melchizedekian priesthood. Because of their fundamental significance for the argument of this thesis several topics will be briefly examined in the remainder of this chapter: Old Testament priesthood from its inception through the period of the monarchy, the concept of sacral kingship in the ancient Near East, and sacral kingship in Israel. Chapter two will have as its primary focus the priestly role of David. Chapter three will examine the concept of the royal priesthood lineage of the Davidic monarchy. Finally, chapter four will examine the royal priesthood of Christ.