The supervision of school nurses in New Jersey: parallel needs, actions, and impacts on student care

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Halbert, Lee-Ann
Health; Role Conflict; School Nurse; Student; Supervision; Supervisor; Educational Administration and Supervision; Nursing
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New Jersey Certified School Nurses (NJ-CSNs) practice in an environment of parallel needs and actions where the primary goal is the education of the students in the building, yet the health and safety of each student are paramount. The research presented here evaluates how the supervision provided to the NJ-CSNs affects their clinical practice and other areas of decision-making in the school setting. This mixed methods research study of 557 NJ-CSNs reveals that school nurses who are supervised by an educator whose background includes being a registered nurse are better able to provide the optimal support for the nurses, and enable the nurses to support the students better, than those whose supervisor does not have the nursing background. Implications for practice and policy are provided, as well as recommendations for future research.