‘Doing-good’ and ‘doing-well’ in Chinese publicly listed firms

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China Economic Review, ISSN: 1043-951X, Vol: 23, Issue: 4, Page: 776-785

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Yan Leung Stephen CHEUNG; Kun JIANG; Weiqiang TAN
Elsevier BV; Elsevier
Economics, Econometrics and Finance; China; Corporate social responsibility; Firm valuation; Overseas listing
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Recently, the presumed benefits of corporate social responsibility have become an important issue, especially for China where institutional settings are quite different from other parts of the world. Using an internationally accepted benchmark (OECD's Principles of Corporate Governance, OECD, 2004), this study constructs a corporate social responsibility (CSR) index to measure the quality of the corporate social responsibility practices of the 100 major Chinese listed firms during 2004–2007. This enables us to evaluate the progress of the corporate social responsibility practices of Chinese firms. The results show that Chinese companies have been making progress in their corporate social responsibility practices. The findings also show that market rewards Chinese firms for improving their corporate governance practices which implies ‘doing-good’ leads to ‘doing-well’ in the equity market in China. We also find that overseas-listed and more profitable Chinese firms have better improvement in CSR practice. This study has policy implications in pushing for further CSR initiatives in other emerging markets.