Subwavelength focusing using a hyperbolic medium with a single slit.

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Applied optics, ISSN: 1539-4522, Vol: 50, Issue: 31, Page: G27-30

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Li, Guixin; Li, Jensen; Cheah, Kok Wai
The Optical Society; Optical Society of America
Physics and Astronomy; Physics
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A hyperbolic dispersion medium with a planar surface that can be used for subwavelength focusing is proposed. By combining the hyperbolic medium in a single slit with diffraction limit width, a laser beam could be focused to a subwavelength spot in the near field. Compared to a conventional superlens, the subdiffraction focusing in this work has higher optical throughput. Using a planar hyperbolic medium, which is actually alternating silver/dielectric multilayers, we showed that the focusing resolution of the designed device is down to ~λ/5 using green light illumination (at a wavelength of 514.5 nm).