Reciprocal Violence and Injuries in Couples in Arequipa, Peru

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Delgado Cuzzi, Paula
thesis / dissertation description
The present study compared the differences in severity of violence and number of injuries of couples between couples with reciprocal violence and non-reciprocal violence in Arequipa, Peru. Two hundred and eighty adults of both genders, who were married and/or cohabiting with a partner at the time of the study participated. The sample was obtained from three districts in Arequipa city and participants were approached and interviewed at their homes. They completed a socio-demographic questionnaire and the Conflicts Tactics Scale Revised, which included questions about physical abuse incidents perpetrated by both partners. Sixty one percent of the participants reported reciprocal violence, and 11.4% of the participants reported non-reciprocal violence in their relationship. The results showed significant differences between reciprocally and non-reciprocally violent couples in minor (t = -11.77, p<.001) and severe (t = - 9.03, p<.001) physical abuse incidents, and also in minor (t = -7.02, p<.001) and severe (t = - 4.83, p<.001) reported injuries. Participants in reciprocally violent couples reported more incidents of minor and severe physical abuse and more minor and severe injuries.