A Case Study of the Decision Model for American Outbound Medical Tourists

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Radmanesh, Azadeh
Medical Tourism; Decision-making Process; Motivation
thesis / dissertation description
The growing medical tourism industry attracts international patients who decide to have their medical treatment performed at international hospitals. This exploratory research aims to determine the main factors that influence American medical tourists’ decision-making process about travelling overseas in order to access medical services.The results of this qualitative study, which interviewed 12 participants, suggest that cost, advanced technology, high quality services, and accreditation are main motives that encourage medical tourists to obtain medical treatment outside their origin of country. On the other hand, the pull factors of the decision-making process in medical tourism is grouped to define primary risks contain lack of malpractice law, infection, difficulties in communication, and the follow-up care. The findings of this study might provide significant information for academic studies, prospective medical tourists, and policy makers, providers of health-related services, and tourism organizations in both local and destination countries.