Implementation of Application Packaging Technology in Healthcare Industry

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Tellapally, Anusha R
Application Packaging; Packaging; healthcare; technology; adminstudio; deployment
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Application packaging bundles applications for operating systems into a single file called a distribution unit (.msi), which makes the administrator work easier to deploy and install them on user's computers. This project was about repackaging "Adobe Reader" and after successful repackaging of the application, the customization of Adobe was done with the help of Adobe Customization Wizard.By applying Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology based on the requirement the packagers were able to create detailed analysis on Adobe Reader to support each step involved in managing a desktop application from deployment through retirement.The main objective of this project was to analyze the data to make the required and necessary customizations to the Adobe Reader to save time and effort. Application packaging can be important component for efficiently managing the increased volume of software on desktop and notebook systems. By streamlining software installation, uninstallation, repair, and patching, application packaging can help reduce costs associated with each phase of the application deployment and support life cycle.