The Analyze-Involve-Model (AIM) Soccer Coaching Process

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Irvine, Robert
Organizational Behavior and Theory
thesis / dissertation description
This thesis introduces a theoretical model for effective soccer coaching. The Analyze-Involve-Model (AIM) Soccer Coaching Process is a three phase, continuous, cyclical process that elite soccer coaches work within. Developed from an analysis of 10 qualitative interviews with elite men’s soccer coaches and a review of sports coaching literature, the AIM Soccer Coaching Process is a generalized theoretical model that can be applied to all contextual levels. The three main phases include a situation analysis (Analyze), direct participant involvement (Involve), and behavior modeling (Model). The three phases are all interconnected and influence each of the other phases. Each phase has three interconnected underlying pillars that influence the phase. A comprehensive review of the sports coaching literature is first presented, followed by an overview of Grounded Theory­, the research approach of this study. Development of the model, which includes an analysis of the interview data as well as quotations from the soccer coaches who participated in the study and an introduction to the model are included. Implications for further research, lessons learned, and the author’s final thoughts conclude the thesis.