Ferromagnetism in chromium-doped reduced-rutile titanium dioxide thin films

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Journal of Applied Physics, ISSN: 0021-8979, Vol: 95, Issue: 11 II, Page: 7381-7383

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Wang, Zhenjun; Tang, Jinke; Zhang, Hongguo; Golub, Vladimir; Spinu, Leonard; Tung, Le Duc
AIP Publishing
Physics and Astronomy; Physical Sciences and Mathematics
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The magnetic and transport properties of chromium (Cr)-doped reduced-rutile titanium dioxide (TiO) thin films were investigated. It was observed from the results of transmission electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction that the films were reduced-rutile and single phase type. It was also observed from the measurements of superconducting quantum interference device magnetometer that the films exhibited ferromagnetism behavior up to 400 K. The saturation magnetic moment of the 6 % Cr-doped reduced films was found to be 2.9 μper Cr atom at room temperature and the saturation magnetization of the films was found to be decreasing with increasing Cr doping.