Serious about Secular Society? The Challenge of Secularism for Seventh-day Adventist Mission

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<p>This article was originally published as:</p><p>Oliver, B. (2000). Serious about secular society? The challenge of secularism for Seventh-day Adventist mission. Paper presented at the AIIAS Theological Forum.<em> Asia Adventist Seminary Studies, 3</em>, 105-119. Retrieved from</p><p>ISSN: 0119-8432</p>

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Oliver, Barry
Seventh-day Adventists; ministry; society; Religion
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This paper will suggest some reasons why SDAs are struggling with mission to the secular world, with a view to making paradigm shifts which will better facilitate the fulfillment of that mission. The paper will also suggest some practical strategies and approaches that may be used in order to reach secular people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the setting of the three angels' messages of Rev 14:6- 12. The paper is by no means exhaustive. It should be read as a series of vignettes that suggest perspectives on the issue. It implies that success with secular people is more about foundational attitudes and beliefs about the church and its mission than about any particular activity, as essential as that activity may be.