The Changing Role of Ellen White in Seventh-day Adventism with Reference to Sociocultural Standards at Avondale College

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Chamberlain, Michael L
Avondale College; Ellen White; sociocultural standards; education; values; Education; Religion
thesis / dissertation description
The core tenet of this thesis is that sociocultural standards at Avondale College have changed dramatically since the Ellen White period, to the extent that a general paradigm shift may have evidenced, although her writings appear to remain the official standard for the Church at senior administration level up til 2001. The administration has steadfastly maintained through the Church creed of Twenty-seven fundamentals - last updated in 1980 - that Ellen White is a prophetess of God. She is the authoritative and inspired commentator on scripture and in effect has been used as the arbiter for decisions on Church doctrine and sociocultural lifestyle.