Training injuries in New Zealand amateur rugby league players.

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Journal of science and medicine in sport, ISSN: 1440-2440, Vol: 11, Issue: 6, Page: 562-5

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King, Doug A.; Gabbett, Timothy James
Elsevier BV; Sports Medicine Australia
Medicine; Health Professions; training; injury incidence; rugby league; prospective study; Exercise Science; Sports Sciences
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This study investigated the incidence, site, nature and severity of training injuries in a New Zealand amateur rugby league team. The incidence of injuries was prospectively studied in a senior amateur rugby league club over one domestic season. All injuries sustained during training sessions were recorded. Injury data was collected from a total of 77 training sessions. Information recorded included the date, time, site, nature, cause and severity of injury. A total of 66 training injuries were recorded. The total injury incidence was 22.4 per 1000 training hours. Injuries resulting in missed training sessions were 16.9 per 1000 h. The most common injury site was the thigh for both overall injuries and injuries resulting in missed training weeks. The incidence of overexertion injuries peaked immediately prior to the commencement of the competitive season. The high rates of overexertion injuries suggest that an increase in intensity may contribute to training injuries in amateur rugby league players. An understanding of the demands of training, and the effects that injuries have on players is essential for the identification of injury prevention strategies.