Classroom Management: Managerial Functions in Teaching

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Australian Journal of Teacher Education, Vol: 7, Issue: 1

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Coatney, Richard
Edith Cowan University
classroom management; direction of learning; classroom environment; Teacher Education and Professional Development
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Classroom management has long been a concern of educators. Traditionally, the term has referred to the use of discipline by the teacher to minimize student disruptions in the classroom. Recently, conceptions of classroom management have emerged that are broader than the traditional one. For example, Berliner speaks of the teacher as an executive (1982).Today's teacher is best conceived of as an executive. The modern teacher does not just dispense information, he or she really manages access to information. The modern teacher doesn't just give love, he or she provides environments that provide students security and rewards so they can grow intellectually and emotionally. The teacher is a manager, an executive manager of the cognitive and affective dimensions of the classroom (PP. 1-2).