Inquiry-based learning set

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Oliver, Ron
Edith Cowan University Research Online
higher education; first year students; e-learning; Web-based learning; inquiry-based learning; Educational Methods; Instructional Media Design
data description
The dataset consist of a set of ten survey questions and the survey results, indicating students' levels of engagement in a higher education undergraduate course unit. The ten survey questions were a mixture of Likert scale and open questions. 250 first year undergraduate students from Edith Cowan University were surveyed. The data was collected during the year 2005 and was processed and analysed using Excel and SPSS. The data was collected to support research that explored the utility and efficacy of the application of a Web-based tool to promote learner engagement among first year students in a large class in an undergraduate communications degree. The Web-based tool was developed to support an inquiry-based learning approach that was characterised by strong learning scaffolds, meaningful contexts, feedback and support and administrative efficiencies. Students were surveyed at the end of the semester to measure the levels of engagement that the Web-supported inquiry-based learning approach was able to engender.