Spino-Pelvic Kinematics and Trunk Muscle Activation in Prolonged Ergometer Rowing: Mechanical Etiology of Non-Specific Low Back Pain in Adolescent Rowers

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Ng, Leo; Burnett, Angus; O'Sullivan, Peter
adolescent; rowing; low back pain; posture; motor control; Medicine and Health Sciences
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The aim of this study was to determine whether adolescent rowers with and without low back pain (LBP) displayed differences in spino-pelvic kinematics and trunk muscle activation during prolonged ergometer rowing. Ten rowers with LBP and twelve rowers without LBP performed a 20 minute ergometer trial with kinematics, muscle activation and self reported perception of pain data (VAS) collected during the trial. Results of this study show that rowers with LBP postured their lumbar spine in flexion for a greater proportion of the drive phase and nearer to their end range of flexion when compared to those without LBP. This study highlights potential mechanisms for the ramping of back pain in adolescent rowers.