Reviewing small business environmental management training programs

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Redmond, Janice, Dr; Walker, Elizabeth; Coetzer, Alan
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This paper outlines a study that investigates a gap in academic and industry knowledge; the impact on small businesses of environmental training programs designed specifically for this business cohort. Considerable government and private funds are spent on all types of training in the developed world each year yet little thorough evaluation of this expenditure occurs, particularly in the specific area of environmental management training (Carleton-Hug & Hug, 2010). Small business engagement in environmental management is critical to achieving the Australian government's environmental targets (e.g. carbon emissions), yet the business's expertise and knowledge on environmental management issues is lacking (Department of Climate Change, 2010). There has been no systematic review of environmental training programs outside the United States their impact elsewhere is unknown (Carleton-Hug & Hug, 2010). This paper discusses the first stage and as such is restricted to as small number of Western Australian reports.