Evaluation of mechanical and wear properties of Ti xNb 7Fe alloys designed for biomedical applications

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Materials & Design, ISSN: 0264-1275, Vol: 111, Page: 592-599

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Ehtemam-Haghighi, Shima; Prashanth, K. G.; Attar, Hooyar; Chaubey, Anil K.; Cao, Guanghui; Zhang, Laichang
Elsevier BV; Elsevier
Materials Science; Engineering; [RstdPub]; Mechanical property; microstructure; titanium alloy; wear; compressive strength; hardness; medical applications; wear of materials; wear resistance; orthopedic applications; titanium alloys.; Mechanical Engineering
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A group of Ti xNb 7Fe (x = 0, 1, 4, 6, 9, 11 wt.%) alloys was designed and produced by cold crucible levitation melting process. The microstructural characteristic of the alloys with Nb addition and its effect on their mechanical properties as well as wear resistance were investigated. Microscopic and phase analysis results show that all the alloys, except for the Ti 11Nb 7Fe, exhibit orthorhombic α“ and body-centred cubic β phases, while Ti 11Nb 7Fe alloy consists of only β phase. It is proposed that increasing the Nb content enhances β phase stability and its proportion in the microstructure of the designed alloys. Depending on the proportion of β and α” phases, Ti xNb 7Fe alloys show varied hardness (3.57–5.92 GPa) and compressive strength (1990–2093 MPa). Additionally, they present wear rates in the range of 3 × 10 −15 –1 × 10 −13 m 3 /m which correlates well with the changes in the corresponding microstructures and mechanical properties. Among the studied alloys, Ti 11Nb 7Fe with β phase microstructure, presents the lowest elastic modulus (86 GPa) and the highest compressive strain (41.5%) along with high compressive strength, hardness and wear resistance. Therefore, it is suggested that this β-type Ti 11Nb 7Fe alloy is a promising candidate, more suitable than the commercially used CP Ti and Ti 6Al 4V, for orthopedic applications.