Biomechanical principles of soccer

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Blazevich, Anthony J.; Nimphius, Sophia
Human Kinetics
Sports Sciences
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Biomechanics is an area of science devoted to the study of the mechanics (i.e., the physical laws) of biological systems at the cellular, tissue and whole organism levels. In sports biomechanics, the description of movement (kinematics) and the forces that produce movement (kinetics) are studied in pursuit of optimizing physical performance whilst minimizing injury risk. An understanding of sports biomechanics is particularly important in soccer because physical laws govern players' abilities to move rapidly to catch or evade an opponent, jump to head a ball, apply forces to the ball to pass with high accuracy or velocity, or create swerve on a kicked or headed ball. Therefore, an understanding of biomechanical principles is required to improve performance, from beginners to advance players.