Strongly enhanced photocurrent response for Na doped Ta 3 N 5 -nano porous structure

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Electrochemistry Communications, ISSN: 1388-2481, Vol: 17, Issue: 1, Page: 67-70

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Kado, Yuya; Hahn, Robert W; Lee, Chong-Yong; Schmuki, Patrik
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Chemistry; response; na; doped; photocurrent; strongly; nano; porous; structure; enhanced; ta3n5; Engineering; Physical Sciences and Mathematics
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Highly ordered nanoporous (nanochannels) Ta 2 O 5 layers were formed by electrochemical anodization of Ta in a glycerol–ethylene glycol mixture containing NH 4 F and (NH 4 ) 2 SO 4. The layers were then immersed in Na 2 SO 4 and annealed in NH 3. This treatment leads to Na-doped Ta 3 N 5 nanostructures that exhibit an apparent band gap of ~ 1.6 eV (compared to 2.1 eV for pure Ta 3 N 5 ). The doped structure, moreover, shows an almost 10 times higher photoelectrochemical current response in the visible range than pure Ta 3 N 5. This finding represents thus a novel pathway to drastically increase the photoresponse of Ta 3 N 5 which can find wide ranging applications in photoelectrochemical devices.