How do gamified mobile apps influence customer value, satisfaction and behavioural intentions to cease smoking?

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Mulcahy, Rory; Russell-Bennett, Rebekah; Kuhn, Kerri-Ann; Zainuddin, Nadia
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Providing customers greater value through technological and mobile services has been an evolving topic in the services marketing literature (Gummerus et al., 2011; Pihlström et al., 2008; van Riel et al., 2005). In particular, there is growth in the development of mobile phone applications (apps) as part of the service mix for transformative service programs, such as mental health and wellbeing (Schuster, et al. 2013), as well as smoking (Abroms et al., 2013). However, what is yet to be explained is the influence of the relatively new phenomenon of "gamification" (the use of game like design features) in these apps on key service outcomes, such as customer value, satisfaction and behavioural intentions. The current research seeks to address this gap in the context of mobile apps designed to encourage smoking cessation.