Teaching for sustainability: perspectives on a collaborative, experiential environmental education subject for preservice teachers

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Nielsen, Wendy S; Andersen, Peter J; Hurley, Amy; Sabljak, Vanessa; Petereit, Amy-Lee; Hoskin, Vanessa
understanding; slowly; tool; teaching; investigate; slowmation; knowledge; pedagogical; developing; teachers; preservice; my; self; study; journey; about; aboriginal; ways; knowing; representing; multimodal; learning; animation; creators; engaging; pre; science; service; subject; sustainability; education; environmental; experiential; collaborative; perspectives; Lights; camera; action; Using; slow; motion; common; approach; promote; school; community; Education
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Keast, S., Cooper, R. & Hoban, G. (2010). Slowly understanding preservice teachers developing pedagogical knowledge: using Slowmation as tool to investigate preservice teachers understanding of teaching. 2010 World Conference on Science and Technology Education