Spatial receptive fields in the cat inferior colliculus

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Hearing Research, ISSN: 0378-5955, Vol: 10, Issue: 2, Page: 203-215

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Malcolm N. Semple; Lindsay M. Aitkin; Michael B. Calford; John D. Pettigrew; Dennis P. Phillips
Elsevier BV
Neuroscience; fields; receptive; cat; colliculus; inferior; spatial; Medicine and Health Sciences
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Auditory spatial receptive fields of 122 single units in the inferior colliculus of 8 anesthetised cats were studied with free-field acoustic stimuli presented in the frontal hemisphere. The best frequency and best frequency threshold were determined for each unit with the speaker located in a position where the unit responded strongly. The intensity was then raised to 10 dB above threshold at the best frequency and the boundaries of the spatial receptive field were determined.