Novel nano-silicon/polypyrrole composites for lithium storage

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Electrochemistry Communications, ISSN: 1388-2481, Vol: 9, Issue: 5, Page: 941-946

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Chen, Jun; Chew, Sau Yen; Ng, See How; Wang, Jiazhao; Guo, Zaiping; Liu, Hua-Kun; Munroe, Paul G; Zhao, L
Elsevier BV
Chemistry; Novel; Nano; silicon; Polypyrrole; Composites; for; Lithium; Storage; Life Sciences; Physical Sciences and Mathematics; Social and Behavioral Sciences
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A novel nano-silicon/polypyrrole composite, suitable for lithium-ion battery anodes, was prepared by chemical polymerization. The cycling stability of Si/PPy electrodes was significantly improved compared to that of the bare Sianodes. The electrochemical performance of the Si/PPy electrodes was comparable to that of Si/DC nanocomposite electrodes. The vast network of the PPy matrix is a suitable environment to increase the electrical conductivity, buffer the volume change during cycling, and prevent cracking and pulverization of the Si electrode.