How do we fit underground coal mining work boots?

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Footwear Science, ISSN: 1942-4299, Vol: 9, Issue: sup1, Page: S77-S79

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Dobson, Jessica; Riddiford-Harland, Diane L; Bell, Alison F; Steele, Julie R
Informa UK Limited
Social Sciences; Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Medicine; Engineering; Health Professions; Medicine and Health Sciences; Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Well-fitted footwear provides an appropriate level of protection, support and comfort during walking (de Castro et al., 2010), and reduces the potential for foot problems and foot pain (Manna et al., 2001). To fit properly, the internal footwear shape should match the shape of a wearer's foot. In underground coal miners, however, there are mismatches between the shape of their feet and the internal work boot dimensions. The impact these boot-foot mismatches have on work footwear satisfaction remains unclear (Dobson et al., 2017). Uncomfortable footwear does not have poor fit ratings at every point on a shoe. This indicates that work boot fit might be more important at some areas of the foot rather than others (Au & Goonetilleke, 2007), although this notion remains unexplored.