A qualitative investigation of obese men's experiences with their weight

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American Journal of Health Behavior, ISSN: 1087-3244, Vol: 35, Issue: 4, Page: 458-469

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Lewis, Sophie; Thomas, Samantha L.; Hyde, Jim; Castle, David J.; Komesaroff, Paul A.
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Social Sciences; Psychology; Medicine; investigation; their; obese; qualitative; men; weight; experiences; Education; Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Objectives: To investigate obese men's health behaviors and strategies for change. Methods: Qualitative interviews with 36 men (BMI 30 and over). Results: All men felt personally responsible for their weight gain. Sedentary lifestyles, stress, lack of worklife balance and weight-based stigma were all significant causes of weight gain and barriers to weight loss. These factors also contributed to men's unwillingness to seek help for their overweight. Conclusion: Addressing the self-blame and stigma associated with obesity is important in developing strategies to improve the health and well-being of obese men. Copyright © PNG Publications. All rights reserved.